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How To Tell The Sex Of Koi Fish? Difference Between Male and Female Koi

Many koi owners often wonder how to tell the sex or gender of koi fish. There are certains ways you can tell the difference between male and female koi. Koi sexing starts through observation. One of the best ways to tell the sex of koi fish is when they are feeding. You will have your [...]

How To Take Care of Koi Fish – Keep Pond Fish Healthy and Disease Free

When it comes to taking care of koi fish you will need to learn as much about koi in order to keep pond fish healthy and disease free. Koi fish make wonderful pets for outdoor garden ponds but they do require your time and effort in order to be successful at fishkeeping. Its not as [...]

Havahart Spray Away Motion Sprinkler – Animal Control Device For Garden Ponds

Keep pond predators away with the Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler System that will keep animals away from your koi fish. This Spray Away Motion Sprinkler hooks up to your garden hose and is very effective at scaring off koi pond predators. I’ve been using this Motion Activated Sprinkler System for a few years [...]

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