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How To Treat Ich On Koi Fish and Goldfish – How To Get Rid of Ich Quick

How do you treat ich on koi and goldfish? Sooner or later your fish will get sick and catch ich and you will need to learn how to get rid of ich quick. Ich or ick (ichthyophthirius multifilis) is a very common parasite among fish and it can quickly spread and totally cover your koi fish or goldfish. Ich is also known as white spot disease which appears on the body of the fish like small grains of salt that can quickly overtake the fish and in some cases can cause death. These ich parasites need to be eliminated quick and here I am going to show you several ways and what types of fish medication you can use so you can learn how to treat ich on koi fish, goldfish and other types of fish.

The first thing you will need to do to treat ich on fish is to buy the right fish medication to do the job. There are many forms of ich treatment that you can buy that will get rid of ich quick. The fish medication that I like to use that is extremely effective in the treatment of ich is Malachite Green. Malachite green should be used for 10 days to fully ensure that each ich parasites are dead and that another infestation to occur.

How To Treat Ich On Koi Fish and Goldfish?


Ich (ichthyophthirius multifilis) As Seen On Shubunkin Commonly Known As White Spot Disease1. Perform a 25% water change before treatment begins for ich.
2. Remove activated carbon from aquarium filter or pond filter.
3. Increase aeration during ich treatment as fish medication lowers oxygen levels in your aquarium or pond.
4. Add 1 teaspoon or 5 ml of Malachite Green for every 50 gallons of water.
5. Observe koi fish for any signs of distress and if koi fish show any signs of stress, such as gasping at the surface perform immediate 25% water change and add activated carbon back to filter to remove ich treatment medication.
6. If no signs of stress are present, treat koi fish for 10 days and do a 25% water change in between treatments.

Keep Koi Fish Healthy and Treat Fish for Any Diseases or Parasites Right Away!

Keep Koi Fish Healthy and Treat Fish for Any Diseases or Parasites Right Away!


When treating ich fish disease be sure to treat for the full recommended treatment as suggested by the ich treatment medication that you are using. Ich or commonly known as white spot disease can only be killed during the free swimming stage. Once the eggs hatch is when the fish medication goes to work to get rid of ich. Malachite green is an effective treatment medication against ich. Once you know how to treat ich fish disease you should have any problem treating against it. Knowledge is the key to fish care when it comes to common fish diseases and parasites.

Buy Koi Pond Supplies Online and Save Money – Cheap Pond Supplies

When buying koi pond supplies people should buy them online as it not only saves you time but money as well with cheaper products.. Online your able to find much better prices for many pond supplies such as pond pumps, pond filters and much much more. What makes buying online so popular among people in the world today is the convenience of shopping and buying what they want when they want and the ability to get cheaper pond supplies that they would not normally get at your local Garden Centre or Home Hardware Store. The prices online for koi pond supplies will be much lower and cheaper due to lower overhead and provides online shoppers a 24 hours a day 7 days a week shopping experience. Even with the cost of shipping you’ll still get better prices. Some online pond suppliers and stores also offer FREE shipping which is a nice additional bonus when buying koi pond supplies online.
Buying Online Koi Pond Supplies - Cheap Pond Supplies Right From Your Computer!

Buying Online Koi Pond Supplies - Cheap Pond Supplies Right From Your Computer!

Since the Internet came out it has greatly increased the competition and many businesses constantly try to have the best products and prices for online shoppers. Now people are able to buy products at discount prices like cheap pond supplies, filters, pumps and more.  When you think about it why pay more for your koi hobby then you have to. Online you can find many more pond supplies to choose from then you would at any local store. I know we all love our koi ponds and fish but lets try and keep some extra cash in our wallets. The cost of living is going up, consumers are paying more for everyday necessities so why not try and take advantage of any savings we can find. Buy koi pond supplies online and save some extra money today.

Here is some of the best places I’ve seen online when it comes to buying koi pond supplies for your garden pond and pond fish.

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PetSmart carries a wide variety of pet products not only for fish ponds but for birds, cats, dogs, reptiles and more. It is one of my favourite online pet stores that I enjoy buying all my pet supplies from.

Smithco Holdings LLC

Aqua Superstore is another great one I’ve just learned about. They offer everything from swimming pool, pond and backyard living products. They have some really neat ideas and products and the prices are very competitive. Definitely worth checking out come spring and summer for all your outdoor living needs. 


 MacArthur Water Gardens is basically your one-stop-shop for all your koi pond supplies needs! They carry a ton of different pond products and supplies from huge brand name companies. You’ll definitely find some great ideas for your water garden this summer at MacArthur Water Gardens.

You should check them out when you need anything including stuff for your pet or if you need koi pond supplies as they have great prices on many different items that will save you money. Buying koi pond supplies online or anything for the matter of fact is always a great idea!

How To Take Care of Koi Fish – Keep Pond Fish Healthy and Disease Free

When it comes to taking care of koi fish you will need to learn as much about koi in order to keep pond fish healthy and disease free. Koi fish make wonderful pets for outdoor garden ponds but they do require your time and effort in order to be successful at fishkeeping. Its not as simple as filling your pond with water and feeding your koi fish daily. There’s more to koi fish care then that! Your koi pond is like your child that you have to tend to it everyday. Koi pond owners should learn all they can about how to take care of koi fish.

Taking care of koi fishstarts off even before your koi pond is built and before you buy your koi at your local pet store. Proper planning is involved before building your koi pond, such as how deep your koi pond will be, will there be any ledges for pond plants and water lilies and how will you protect your koi fish from predators. Koi fish care starts by learning as much as you can before you jump into a very rewarding hobby.

Koi Fish Pond - Beautiful Water Garden in Backyard

Koi Fish Pond - Beautiful Water Garden in Backyard

 require plenty of space to grow and live. For your koi pond you will need to make sure you provide your new pond fish with a suitable environment, proper filtration and adequate oxygen. If you are going to be succesful in taking care of koi fish you will need to provide a very clean environment for your new fish. In order to do so you will need to have a good pond filter and one that can handle the amount of fish waste being produced. Think of it like your pond filtration is the heart of your koi pond. Once the pond filter fails, everything begins to fall apart and many things can go wrong. You need to have a very good pond pump and pond filter for your water garden for your koi fish to stay healthy.

Koi fish

Learn How To Take Care Of A Koi Fish Pond To Fully Enjoy The Hobby!

Learn How To Take Care Of A Koi Fish Pond To Fully Enjoy The Hobby!

Also remember before adding any koi fish to your pond you will need to add beneficial bacteria to your pond to help start get the ecosystem running properly. The beneficial bacteria is what helps keep your koi fish healthy as it breaks down fish waste making it less toxic to koi known as the nitrogen cycle.  After doing water changes and adding fresh water to your koi pond you should always replenish the beneficial bacteria by adding some. Taking care of koi fish is rewarding but there are many necessary steps to keep koi healthy.

Tip: Buy Koi Fish From A Reputable Friendly Clean Pet Store Or Koi Breeder

Tip: Buy Koi Fish From A Reputable Friendly Clean Pet Store Or Koi Breeder

After you’ve decided on your koi pond plans and built your garden pond your going to need to buy some koi fish for your new water garden. Koi care starts right here as you need to know what a healthy koi looks like. When you buy sick or injured koi you are adding nothing but problems to your new pond and may very well infect your already established healthy fish in your pond. It is very important to understand everything you can about koi diseases so you can prevent the introduction of diseases and parasites into your koi pond.  Never buy koi fish from an aquarium that has sluggish fish, dead fish or visible signs of illnesses or diseases. Always buy your koi fish from a reputable koi dealer. Remember if the pet store is dirty think of how well the fish tanks are being maintained and how well the koi fish are being cared for. Image is everything and you should buy from a pet store that is clean and have a knowledgeable staff. Before you buy your koi fish ask as many questions you can like what type of fish food are they feeding their koi,  how often are they feeding their koi, have the koi been treated lately for any diseases and if so what fish medication have been used? Ask whatever questions you want as they should know the answers to all your koi questions. If not, thank goodness for the Internet as you can find tons of resources all about koi right online.

Hand Feeding Koi Fish By Pond

Hand Feeding Koi Fish By Pond

When it comes to feeding your koi fish in your new pond it depends on the time of year that will determine the type of koi food you will be feeding them. In fall you will feed koi a lighter food that is much easier to digest. During the summer you can feed your koi a fish food with higher protein. You should only feed them what they can eat within five minutes. Any food left over after five minutes can deteriorate your water quality and foul it up. Never leave any uneaten food in your koi pond!

After you know all the facts about koi, taking care of koi fish is not that hard at all. If you have all the proper pond equipment, you should relatively have little to do with pond maintenance. You should however check your pond water at least once a week and top up your koi fish pond with water when needed. In the meantime I hope you all enjoy your new garden pond and taking care of koi fish is a very fun and rewarding hobby to be in.

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