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Breeding Koi Fish – How Many Fish Eggs Can A Female Koi Lay During Spawning Season?

Koi fish are excellent breeders and a female koi can easily lay over 100,000 fish eggs come spawning season. Breeding koi fish is among every pond owners interest sooner or later. When your new in the hobby and as you gain more knowledge and expertise with your koi hobby you’ll eventually want to see baby [...]

How To Treat Cloudy Eye on Koi Fish?

Cloudy eye on koi fish is common and the good news is this can be easily treated. What you will see is a white film covering the koi’s eye. This is what we call cloudy eye.
In order to treat cloudy eye on koi fish is will first need to have the right fish medication for [...]

How To Tell The Sex Of Koi Fish? Difference Between Male and Female Koi

Many koi owners often wonder how to tell the sex or gender of koi fish. There are certains ways you can tell the difference between male and female koi. Koi sexing starts through observation. One of the best ways to tell the sex of koi fish is when they are feeding. You will have your [...]

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