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Breeding Koi Fish – How Many Fish Eggs Can A Female Koi Lay During Spawning Season?

Koi fish are excellent breeders and a female koi can easily lay over 100,000 fish eggs come spawning season. Breeding koi fish is among every pond owners interest sooner or later. When your new in the hobby and as you gain more knowledge and expertise with your koi hobby you’ll eventually want to see baby [...]

Kohaku Koi Fish From Japan – High Quality Japanese Koi For Ponds

Kohaku koi fish are among pond owners favourites especially the high quality kohaku’s you can buy from Japan. Kohaku kois are just one of the varieties of koi that people are able to buy from some local pet stores, koi fish farms or online koi stores. The colouration and variations in patterns of red and white displayed [...]

My Big Koi Fish Died – 18″ Long and 10 Years Old From Illness

Yesterday one of my favourite koi fish died which I was sad to see. This koi was around 10 years old now, which I got from an old guy who didn’t want to have his koi fish pond anymore. I’ve had this koi fish for about 4 years now. I know for the last week [...]

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