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My Big Koi Fish Died – 18″ Long and 10 Years Old From Illness

Yesterday one of my favourite koi fish died which I was sad to see. This koi was around 10 years old now, which I got from an old guy who didn’t want to have his koi fish pond anymore. I’ve had this koi fish for about 4 years now. I know for the last week [...]

Koi Fish Farms – Best Place To Buy High Quality Koi

Koi fish farms are the best place for people looking at buying high quality koi. Some of the advantages of buying farm raised koi are the wide variety of colours to choose from, size and the expert advice from the people who raise them.
Koi that you purchase from pet stores, the aquariums are always being [...]

How To Quarantine New Koi Fish To Prevent Diseases & Parasites

When your purchase koi fish from pet stores or online it is necessary to quarantine your new arrivals. Quarantine helps prevent koi diseases from being passed on to your other fish. When you buy koi online is when it’s extremely important to quarantine them as they have just gone through an incredibly stressful journey to [...]

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