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Hi and thanks for visiting Koi Fish Care Information Blog!

Koi Fish - True Living Jewels of The OrientThis koi blog is meant to help new pond owners getting into the hobby with lots of resources surrounding koi and pond related information and products. After being in the hobby myself for over 15 years now I thought I would share my experiences and help other koi keepers with their pond. I hope that this blog will help you as you learn all about koi, taking care of koi, learning all about koi diseases and being able to treat them when they become ill with the right fish medication for the job.

Here you will also find me giving reviews on certain koi products, pond pumps, pond filters and more. I will try and add as much information as I can with plenty of koi photos, pond videos and more. I hope you all will learn a thing or two and please feel free to comment and ask for advice on the related posts I have.

Thanks again for visiting Koi Fish Care Information! I look forward to helping you with all your pond and koi related questions.


Koi Fish Pond Expert

2 Comments to Koi Fish Pond Expert – About Me

  1. kevin's Gravatar kevin
    June 13, 2010 - 3:09 am | Permalink

    we have a new pond this year and have had a fish for one month and we noticed that one of our fish got a very grey or cloudy eye and seems to be blind in that eye and now we have another fish that has the same problem and also now has those same spots occuring on his body but they are bigger than grains of salt. could you help us out with what the problem is?

  2. July 8, 2010 - 5:24 pm | Permalink

    how long does it take for koi fish to grow i want my koi to grow but i have no where to put it my tank is to little it is only 5 inc and i want to keep it i love my koi and i want it to be healthy and big but the huge tanks are to expensive and were i live there are no ponds and you cant put ponds were i live so i dont know what to do

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