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Breeding Koi Fish – How Many Fish Eggs Can A Female Koi Lay During Spawning Season?

Koi fish are excellent breeders and a female koi can easily lay over 100,000 fish eggs come spawning season. Breeding koi fish is among every pond owners interest sooner or later. When your new in the hobby and as you gain more knowledge and expertise with your koi hobby you’ll eventually want to see baby koi fish hatching and swimming around your pond. What koi owners need to know is that even though a female koi fish can lay over 100,000 eggs when she spawns many will not survive. Once the male and female koi finish spawning in the early hours of the morning usually they will start to eat all the koi fish eggs quickly. In order to breed koi fish you need to know everything you can to be successful.

 Koi breeding usually happens in the morning and can last for several hours.Female Koi Fish Can Lay Over 100,000 Fish Eggs During Breeding, SpawningThe male koi will push the side of the female koi causing her to release her eggs all over the pond, water plants and spawning medium you’ve provided. During the spawning process is when the female koi will start to release all her fish eggs which some will not get  fertilized. If you don’t remove the female and male koi from the pond once they are done spawning they will eat the fish eggs. Yes, she deposited 100,000 or more fish eggs but your koi will quickly consume them if left in your breeding pond.


Koi breeding

Male & Female Koi Fish - Breeding and Spawning Pond Introduction

Learn all you can on how to breed koi fish, what is the best spawning material to use for breeding koi and some tips and technique for breeding koi. Through the research and questions you ask here is how you will increase your chances at a successful koi breeding and the results you achieve. For all those koi enthusiasts out there I wish you best of luck with your koi breeding and please feel free to comment on your success or failures.

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