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How To Treat Cloudy Eye on Koi Fish?

Cloudy eye on koi fish is common and the good news is this can be easily treated. What you will see is a white film covering the koi’s eye. This is what we call cloudy eye.

In order to treat cloudy eye on koi fish is will first need to have the right fish medication for the job. What I like to use that is effective on getting rid of cloudy eye and curing it once and for all is Melafix. Melafix is an all-natural fish medication used to treat a variety of koi diseases. You will need to go to your local pet store and buy this to cure cloudy eye. Another option for you is to buy Melafix online as it’s cheaper then what you would pay in a pet store. Once you have your Melafix you can begin treating your koi for cloudy eye.

How To Treat Cloudy Eye on Koi Fish?

Melafix Koi and Goldfish Medication Used To Treat Cloudy Eye and Other Fish Diseases1. Remove activated carbon from filter.

2. Test your water quality to ensure all levels are within acceptable range.

3. Perform a 25% water change.

4. Refill aquarium and add water conditioner and cycle.

5. Add Melafix to your fish tank or pond. Follow proper dosage on the bottle. Treat for recommended days.

Melafix will be your best option in treating cloudy eye on koi fish. Melafix is antibacterial remedy for the treatment of koi and goldfish diseases.

* Treats ulcers and open wounds
* Rapidly repairs damaged fins
* Treats fin and tail rot
* Treats Cloudy Eye
* Use when introducing new fish
* Will not harm the biological filter
* Safe for snails and other invertibrates
* Safe for aquatic plants
* Safe for domestic animals and other wildlife

Buy Melafix today as that`s how you will treat cloudy eye on koi fish!

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