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Pond Nets – Koi Fish Pond Netting To Protect Pond Fish From Predators

Pond nets are a great way to protect your koi fish pond from predators. Pond netting comes in many different types and sizes that you can buy. The first thing you need to figure out is the overall dimensions of your pond and that will determine the pond netting size you will need. Not only will it help protect your koi fish from predators like the heron, raccoon and eagle but it will stop leaves from coming in your garden pond come fall. Pond Nets have two great features that will help overall with your koi fish care.

Pond netting helps keep your water quality healthy for your pond fish. With the use of a pond netover your water garden will help reduce waste load on your pond filter and keep koi diseases and parasites from occurring by not giving them an ideal condition to occur and breed. Laguna Pond Net - Protects Pond Fish From PredatorsYes, pond netting may take away from your overall appearance of your pond but the overall safety and your koi fish health is very important. I know I have two eagles nest up the road from me and have frequent heron visits regularly. I have no choice but to use a pond netin order to protect my koi fish. You may have a similar problem with pond predators and you will have no choice but to buy some pond netting.

Here are a few different types of pond nets that you can buy for your fish pond:

1. Nycon Products Big Top Pond Cover Netting

Pond Netting - Nycon Products Big Top Pond Cover - Protects Koi & Stops Leaves From Entering Pond

Very Clean and Professional Looking Pond Net - One of The Top Choices of Pond Netting


2. Pond Netting 15 feet by 12 feet

Pond Netting - Protects Koi From Pond Predators and Stops Leaves From Going In Pond
Pond Netting – Protects Koi From Pond Predators and Stops Leaves From Going In Pond

3. Large Bird net Barrier - Pond Net – Protection From Nuissance Birds

Large Birdnet Barrier - Pond Net - Protection From Pond Predators

 This pond net is a great protection from pond predators. Anyone of the above pictures of pond netting would work great at protecting your koi fishfrom pond predators like the heron, racoon, eagle and more.

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