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Kohaku Koi Fish From Japan – High Quality Japanese Koi For Ponds

Kohaku koi fish are among pond owners favourites especially the high quality kohaku’s you can buy from Japan. Kohaku kois are just one of the varieties of koi that people are able to buy from some local pet stores, koi fish farms or online koi stores. The colouration and variations in patterns of red and white displayed on the koi are amazing. Kohakus have been my favourite type of koi for years now and they look amazing in ponds. Kohaku koi fish have a nice snowy white and bright cherry red that truly are living jewels of the orient.

Japanese koi are some of the best koi you’ll ever see and many people seek them out to have nothing but the best high quality koi for their ponds. Kohaku Koi Fish - High Quality Japanese KoiSome kohaku kois especially Grand Champions from koi shows goes for many thousands of dollars. Serious koi hobbyist come from all around the world to see the best koi fish at these shows. There are many types and varieties of koi but the kohaku koi is the one I truly love in ponds.





Take a look below at a beautiful photo of a kohaku koi.

Kohaku Koi - A Very Popular Variety of Koi For Koi Ponds!


What do you think of kohaku kois? Is this one of your favourite types of koi fish too? If not what is your favourite varieties of koi that you enjoy seeing in garden ponds?

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  1. Kenton's Gravatar Kenton
    May 7, 2010 - 8:23 pm | Permalink

    Just so you know that that koi is a champion koi its nme is Alexandria

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