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Feeding Koi Spring and Fall Floating Fish Food

By Jamie Boyle

Well as you all know fall is here but what does that mean in terms of feeding koi for fall and getting your koi fish ready for winter? What people need to do is keep a close eye on the temperature of the water in your koi pond. The temperature lets people know when and what to feed to your pond fish.

You see as the water temperature lowers so does the koi fish metabolism as well. Koi and goldfish have a hard time digesting food at lower temperatures. In fall people should switch to a light food that makes it easy to digest for fish. PondCare has Spring and Fall Floating Food Sticks that people can feed to their fish in lower temperatures. You can feed your koi down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the temperature is below 50 degrees stop feeding your koi. Feeding your koi at temperatures lower then 50 degrees can harm fish and possibly kill them. The same thing goes for feeding koi in spring, wait till the temperature is above 50 degrees to resume feeding. Start off in spring feeding them a light food which its main ingredient is wheat germ. When the water temperature is 60 degrees or below you should be feeding koi wheat germ based foods only until the water temperature begins to warm up you can begin to think about switching fish foods. Just remember when feeding koi in fall and spring keep record of the water temperature as it can impact your koi health.

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